School girl raped, killed in Dagoretti

January 26, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 26 – A 10 year old girl was raped and murdered in Ruthimitu area of Dagoreti on Tuesday night.

The girl\’s body was discovered on Wednesday morning still in full school uniform at a coffee plantation by workers constructing a house nearby.

Capital News found her body lying two meters from the unfinished maisonette with pieces of cloth stuffed in her mouth to muffle her screams at the time of the attack.

"She had been sent by her mother to collect a lunch box from her aunt\’s place about a kilometre away.  She was expected back by 5pm but she did not show up," a relative who only identified herself as Margaret said.

"They looked for her and even contacted her aunt who said she had already left.  She was not traced until this (Wednesday) morning when workers at this construction site reported that they had seen a girl\’s body lying here," she added.

She was a standard five pupil at Mukarara Primary School.

Hundreds of residents walked several kilometres to the murder scene where they spent several hours waiting for the police to collect the body. By 1pm, the girl\’s body was still lying at the coffee plantation.

Mary Kuria, a resident in the area said there was urgent need for the government to establish a police post in the area because there was insufficient security.

She said Kabete Police Station which covers the area is several kilometres away, exposing residents to security risks.

"This area is hardly patrolled; the police station is very far away. We only rely on Administration Police officers and the regular police only come here when there is an incident like this one," she added.

She said cases of insecurity were rising at an alarming rate in the area and residents were worried the situation would get worse unless proper measures are put in place.

Dagoreti District Commissioner Cornelius Wamalwa assured the residents that maximum security would be provided to them.

"Police have already commenced an investigation and I can assure you that whoever committed this heinous act will be brought to book, CID officers are already following crucial clues," he said.

A senior police officer who visited the scene told Capital News that detectives had recorded a statement from a motorcyclist who was robbed of his bike which is believed to have been used to abduct the girl.

"We have also recorded statements from other motorcyclists to see if they can be able to identify the man who stole a motor cycle and used it to lure the girl to this thicket," the officer said. "The motorcycle has been found abandoned within this area."

The officer said night guards had reported seeing a motorcycle speeding towards the coffee plantation where the girl\’s body was discovered.

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