NCBDA wants speed cameras installed

January 3, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 3 – The Nairobi Central Business District Association (NCBDA) says the government should invest in speed cameras on major highways to reduce road accidents.

Chairman Timothy Muriuki said on Monday that road carnage on many roads was as a result of speeding and that the initiative would minimise such incidents.

 Mr Muriuki told Capital News in an interview that the programme would assist traffic policemen in maintaining order on Kenyan roads.

"If vehicles are speeding, the cameras will detect this and capture the number plates," he stated.

"We thought that for a beginning, we will do it from here to Naivasha, from here to Athi River and on Thika road on the entire highway," he said.

Mr Muriuki pointed out that a fully automated system will go a long way in streamlining the transport sector.

"The Ministry of Transport and the Kenya Revenue Authority have got all these data on vehicles and ownership. Whoever is running the control room is able to give all these information to the police," he said.

 "It will be easier to collect fines on the road so that you find that you are being called for you slip or fine or if you go to sell your vehicle, you will find there are fines attached to it and you have to pay before you transfer (it)."

 He explained that it would further put Kenya at par with other countries in controlling traffic on the roads.

"It is really a tool that has been used in other countries. You find that these cameras also have night vision and use infra red. They will detect speed even at night," he said.

"We cannot have police everywhere doing all this work but once we have cameras on the highway, then we will be able on a 24 hour basis monitor these speeds," he stated.

Mr Muriuki also said the installation of CCTV cameras within Nairobi City will reduce incidences of insecurity within the Kenyan Capital.

He stated that the monitoring technology will enable security organs deal with crime at a higher level.

"The only initiative we are looking forward at this stage for implementation is the CCTV. We have not left it, there is an inter-ministerial committee working on it and there should be a budget and funding for it," he said.

With expectations of the year 2011 on a high ebb, the NCBDA is also calling on Parliament to hasten the legislation of laws governing the operations in Nairobi City.

He said this will make Nairobi a Metropolitan city as envisaged in the country\’s vision 2030.

"Nairobi being the Capital City of this country, there should be laws emanating from Parliament regarding the management of Nairobi. It is very unique because the current boundaries of city hall are the exact boundaries that fall within Nairobi County," he stated.

He further emphasised that it will strengthen investor confidence in the capital city.
Meanwhile, the association will release a report detailing the Nairobi City Council\’s performance in the last year.

Mr Muriuki said the report due in the next two weeks will focus on both the gains and losses made by City Hall.

 He stated that it will act as an incentive for City Hall to perform better this year.

"We want first of all to put City Hall on their toes, it is important that businesses give their status report since this tells the council what businesses are thinking about," he said.

He stated that the released report will contain various facets of City Hall\’s operations.

"Within the first two weeks we should be able to give our report on garbage collection, planning, management of the environment."



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