Drugs buster promises results

January 24, 2011 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 24 – The newly appointed head of the anti-narcotics police unit is promising tangible results in the war against drug trafficking in the country very soon.

Sebastian Ndaru who was appointed to head the unit earlier this month told Capital News that he was aware of the challenges ahead but vowed to overcome them by not sparing anyone involved.

“We will not spare anyone; this is a war for all us. We must all participate and since it is a war involving all of us, we should not spare anyone,” he said in an interview.

Mr Ndaru said his field commanders in all parts of the country were under instructions to thoroughly investigate drug trafficking cases and ensure perpetrators are brought to book regardless of their status.

“We have a clear mandate of getting rid of drug trafficking in the country, we will do whatever it takes within our mandate to ensure we succeed,” he said. “I know we have the will of the public.”

In the last quarter of 2010, pressure mounted for the government to decisively fight the drug menace, prompting President Mwai Kibaki to order Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere to restructure the anti narcotic unit.

Consequently, Mr Ndaru was named the head of the unit and several other regional commanders reshuffled. The unit was formerly headed by Judith Odhiambo.

“I am aware of the task ahead and I am ready to handle it, with the support of the public I know we will succeed in the war against drug trafficking,” Mr Ndaru said.

He said he has already put in place strategies which will ensure positive results are achieved in the war on drug trafficking.

Although he declined to disclose the strategies, Mr Ndaru said results of the new team will be seen and felt very soon.

“By making public our strategies, we will be exposing ourselves, but I can tell you results will come out,” he added.

Police are currently investigating several prominent personalities suspected to be involved in drug trafficking in the country, including those named in Parliament by Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti.

Some of those named have already been questioned by the police but so far no evidence has been found to implicate any of them in the allegations facing them.

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