Kenyan on the Apprentice fired

December 3, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 3 – Liza Mucheru-Wisner has been fired by Donald Trump in a controversial decision rendered on the semi-final leg of American TV show The Apprentice.

Liza, who was on tour in Kenya recently, had won the task she and co-competitor Brandy had been given, but was told by Mr Trump to pack her bags and “learn how to get along with people better.”

Her exit dashes the fiery Kenyan’s hopes of working for “Mr Trump” as she calls him, after making it to the final three.

Liza got emotional after her exit and told NBC television that it was very hard for her to hear criticism from Trump and especially hearing the words “Liza, you’re fired”.

With her out of the picture, Clint and Brandy become the finalists on the 10th Season of the hugely popular show, which several Kenyans have been following in the hope that Liza would emerge victorious.

But that was not to be.  Liza’s sister Njeri questioned Trump’s decision.

“Usually when someone wins a task, they are safe, and Liza won the task so it doesn’t make sense that she has been fired,” she tells Capital News on phone.

“The decision was not clear cut. Trump has previously refused to fire people on the basis that they have won their task. What’s even stranger is that he heaped her with praise before telling her that she’s fired,” she adds after viewing the episode at the Sankara hotel.

And a tense episode it was; Liza’s happiness at coming so far despite frequent attacks from other contestants in Trump’s ‘boardroom’ came crashing down.

Said Mr Trump on the show: “Despite your problems with others, I’ve always seen things in you (Liza) that no one else did. Still, you need to learn to get along with people better. You’re fantastic in every way, but Liza, you’re fired.”

Though she thanked him and left the boardroom, Njeri thinks things are far from over for her sister.

“The show is titled second chances. And some of the fired contestants have been brought back on the show to help the finalists achieve their tasks. Liza is one of them. Trump is still praising her work and her golf skills and they are even going to play in a tournament together! I have a feeling that there is a catch coming up,” she speculates.

Brandy, who chose Liza to help her with her final task of organising a golf tournament, is not happy with Trump for choosing Liza as his opponent on the course, but what exactly is she scared of? Is it because Trump hugged Liza when she showed off her golf drive?

Anyway, Trump also told Liza that being on the show had given her a lot of publicity and that is something Njeri can attest to.

“She will be fine even after the show. She has gotten so many offers and is so very capable to do even greater things. In fact, I think its Trump’s loss that he does not Liza on his team.”

The winner of this season’s The Apprentice will be revealed next week.


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