24 grabbed houses handed back

December 2, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 2 – The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) has handed back 24 houses in Nairobi which had been irregularly acquired to the City Council.

They consist of eight flats and 16 bungalows that were illegally acquired and allocated to individuals in the 1980s.

KACC Director PLO Lumumba said the allottees who include prominent personalities voluntarily surrendered the houses which will now be managed by the council.

“I would wish to sincerely thank these individuals for surrendering public property they acquired illegally, this is a good example to other Kenyans who are still holding public property and who should follow suit and surrender them,” Mr Lumumba said when he handed some of the tittles to Town Clerk Philip Kisia.

He said the anti-graft watchdog was investigating several other similar cases of individuals holding public property and pledged to make them public.

“In order to encourage other Kenyans to surrender public property, we must make public such individuals, and we will,” he said and revealed that several other allottees of public property in Nairobi, Kitale and other parts of the country had offered to surrender the assets which include land and buildings.

Most of the houses handed over to the council are currently valued at between Sh30 million and Sh35 million, up from the Sh1.5 m value at the time of the allotments in the 1980’s.

Mr Kisia urged the anti-graft body to help it acquire other public property worth millions of shillings which is in the hands of private individuals.

He said the council was facing several challenges in fighting corruption and particularly seizing stolen public property.

“I urge KACC to help us because as a council we are committed to getting back most of the council’s property which is in the hands of private individuals,” Mr Kisia said.

He said the council was in the process of confiscating several houses, land and public roads which have been grabbed by private individuals.

KACC has pledged to continue seizing public property held by private individuals through amicable settlements based on the law which allows the commission to enter into out of court negotiations and reach a settlement with persons against whom it has filed or intends to file a civil suit.


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