Cellphone removed from Kenyan prisoner s gut

December 22, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIVASHA, Dec 22 – A death row inmate has been operated on to remove a mobile phone from his large intestine, a prison warder said on Wednesday.

Medical teams at a hospital in Naivasha town on Tuesday night extracted a mobile phone wrapped in a plastic bag from the gut of the prisoner after the device showed up on an X-ray.

"There was a mobile phone in the body and it\’s worrying the lengths this inmates can go to smuggle things into prison," prison chief Patrick Mwenda told reporters.

Mr Mwenda did not specify how the inmate, identified as Bernard Kosgey, had introduced the phone into his intestine but said doctors established it had been wedged there for a month.

Earlier, tests with a metal detector had showed that Kosgey was carrying a metallic object but a body search conducted by warders produced nothing.

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