Residents want boreholes to saturate town

November 1, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Nov 1 – Residents of Ol-Moran and Lonyiek Divisions in Laikipia West District are calling on the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to construct more dams and sink boreholes in the area for irrigation projects.

The residents said this would also help them in the fight against looming hunger after their crops failed to grow as a result of prolonged dry season.

Led by Lonyiek councillor Jacob Endung\’, they said the region would sustain itself had there been enough rain.

He however observed that the residents may experience drought after failed rains and hence the need to encourage them embrace irrigation practices to avert such situations.

"This is a very fertile area but since we have had no rains for several months.  We fear our people may experience hunger and that is why we are asking the government to facilitate the digging up of several boreholes for irrigation", he said.

He pointed out that there was only one borehole in the larger Ol-Moran division saying that this was not enough compared to the population of the area.

He said that if the government can dig more boreholes and dams, farmers can begin practicing irrigation projects on seasonal crops.

Mr Endung said that the different communities from the region have for a long time depended on cattle rearing and added that most of their livestock died last year as a result of drought.

Speaking to the press in Ol-Moran town, the civic leader said that the communities that live there can also be farmers if the region receives enough rainfall saying that the little boreholes and dams in the region do not have enough water for them.

A spot check by Capital News in the area revealed that only one borehole had been set up in the division serving more that 6,000 households.

Residents complained that the water was not enough to serve the huge population and at times they are forced to travel for long distances in search of the rare commodity.

Mr Endung\’ regretted that late last year 37 people from Kanampiu location of Samburu Central were killed after they engaged in cattle rustling as a result of the hunger that had hit the region.


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