Nigeria sezies more weapons

November 24, 2010 12:00 am

, LAGOS, Nov 24 – Nigeria has seized another illegal arms shipment at its main port, including pistols and military vehicles, a navy spokesman said Wednesday, weeks after the discovery of a weapons cache sent from Iran.

"Items include pistols, hundreds of ammunition, bulletproof jackets, military boots and other related prohibitive items," navy spokesman Captain Kabir Aliyu told AFP of the find at the port in Lagos.

He said a number of suspects had been arrested in connection with the illegal importation of the military items which were packed inside a vehicle painted in army green.

"Similarly, eight heavy duty trucks painted in military camouflage were also impounded," he added.

Small Union Jack stickers had been placed on some of the vehicles, but the spokesman said they seem to have been used as a disguise. A British High Commission spokesman was unaware of the seizure.

Aliyu could not immediately disclose where the shipment had arrived from or where it was destined for, adding that investigations were ongoing.

Last month, Nigerian security agents intercepted an illegal arms shipment that included rockets and grenades at the same port which had been loaded in Iran. Nigeria has reported the shipment to the UN Security Council.

Tensions are rising ahead of April general elections in Africa\’s most populous country of 150 million people, which has seen repeated voter fraud and violence.


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