Kiunjuri gives KACC graft dossier

November 2, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 2- Public Works Assistant Minister Mwangi Kiunjuri on Tuesday lived up to his promise and presented the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission with documents which he claims show widespread corruption in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

He said he expects the allegations to be fully investigated by the anti graft body and the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

But he denied singling out Water Minster Charity Ngilu of complicity in drilling boreholes.

"Where did they read that had questioned the issue of water distribution, I never accused her of that, but in her defense she came out defending things I had not asked for.  We are asking her on the issues of procurement, clarification on how consultants were procured those are the issues not about distribution of water," he said.

The Assistant Minister who was transferred from the Water to Public Works however raised issue with Prime Minister\’s support for Ngilu saying Mr Odinga\’s statement is likely to affect investigations on the matter by the Efficiency Monitoring Unit and the Inspectorate of Parastatals.

During a tour of Kitui over the weekend, the Premier said the minister had done a great job in her docket and vowed to defend her against witch-hunt by her political detractors.

The graft claims by Kiunjuri includes runaway inflation prices of goods supplied to the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation among others.

The Public Works assistant minister said on Friday he was moved from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation after he blew the whistle on underhand transactions involving officials at his former posting.

Mr Kiunjuri said the minister could not be involved as the irregularities were mainly in parastatals under the ministry.

One consultant, he added, had been given six jobs although he had performed dismally in others. He said other forms of graft were in supplies.

Mrs Ngilu has dismissed allegations of corruption by her former assistant Mwangi Kiunjuri.

The minister said Ukambani has all along been regarded a hardship area and there has always been an outcry for the area to be provided with water to enable residents be self-reliant in food production.

The Water minister is accused of misusing public funds after the ministry sunk 126 of the 408 boreholes drilled across the country in her home region of Ukambani.


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