Kibaki upbeat on his final lap

November 12, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 12 – President Mwai Kibaki has outlined the main focus for the remaining two years of the grand coalition government as enforcing good governance, attracting investments and employment as well as heightened fight against corruption and insecurity.

In one of his most optimistic speeches in recent times, President Kibaki said the country is well endowed politically and professionally with persons capable of “taking us to where we want to be.”

Addressing a retreat for Cabinet Ministers and assistants in Ukunda on Friday morning, the Head of State reiterated that only a united government will be able to deliver on this mandate.

“We are more qualified than we think and I don’t see why we don’t have that faith. I’m sure we will have the faith from now and more particularly when we agree to work as a team,” he told the senior members of his government.

“Let’s dedicate ourselves to making this country better.”

He pointed out that political intrigues and infighting are to blame for slowing down the dedicated leadership.

“Indeed it is only a question of when you get a person who is not at peace because he thinks someone is working to undermine them,” said the President.

Speaking to Ministers, assistant Ministers and Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees, the Head of State said the full implementation of the new Constitution will be critical to achieving this vision.

“Don’t waste a lot of time quarreling about small matters. The only solution is when we reach consensus and move forward,” he said.

President Kibaki emphasised good governance in the yet-to-be-formed county governments which he said will be centers of new investments and job creation. He said the government shall focus on developing a business friendly environment.

“We must fight corruption. This vice must not have a place in the new Kenya we seek to build,” he added.

He praised Parliament on its renewed role in fighting graft and the implementation of the new Constitution adding that “the Executive will be able to present timely Bills to Parliament.”

Speaking at the same retreat Prime Minister Raila Odinga emphasised that grand coalition government has a unique responsibility of birthing the Second Republic in the implementation of the Constitution. He called for unity between the Executive and Parliament in the implementation of this mandate. He continued with his call for fast reforms in the judicial system and the police force.

“The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to posterity is the practical implementation of one o the most democratic Constitution ever written,” he said.

On the renewed fight against corruption the Premier reiterated that this must be done above board and professionally.

“There must be a room to allow the Executive tot act without interfering. Oversight does not mean policing,” he said.

National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende also urged for a close working relationship between Parliament and the Executive. He called for Ministers and MPs to avoid aggressive attacks on each other but to rather corporate with each other.

“In reality and practice the three arms of government must complement each other. We have witnessed instances where sometimes people get carried away particularly Ministers. I am hoping after this interaction we will understand that we have a common goal to give good governance to the people of Kenya.”

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka also emphasised the need for harmony in the implementation of the Constitution.


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