Kenyan Apprentice: I will be hired

November 21, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 21- Kenyan born Liza Mucheru Wisner who\’s among the top four contenders on the US reality TV show – The Apprentice, has exuded confidence that she will emerge the winner once the show comes to an end on December 9.

Mrs Mucheru-Wisner, who\’s in the country for a series of charitable events targeted at providing technology to children, believes she has what it takes to be the next Apprentice who will be hired by American billionaire Donald Trump.

"I am so confident, I have no doubt that I\’m going to become the next Apprentice and that\’s why I made this trip (to Kenya) because I don\’t know when I\’m ever going to get another chance to come and showcase what I\’m passionate about," she told a media briefing on Sunday.

She said that her passion for everything she does coupled with the chance to be on the show where she\’s been able to showcase her talents had given her an edge over the other competitors.

Mrs Mucheru-Wisner who\’s an entrepreneur and founder of Texas Techies has faced stiff competition since the show which airs on NBC started but she said she\’s not threatened by the three other remaining contestants who are all gunning for the top spot following the firing of 12 other contenders.

"I don\’t think anyone is a threat right now. I think I have actually grown the most on the show and I think that I have come the furthest and so at this point I think I am the strongest competitor and I am the threat. They (her rivals) should be scared because I am going to become the next Apprentice," she asserted.

She termed working for Mr Trump as a dream-come-true as it has presented an opportunity to hone her corporate management skills.

"Working for Mr Trump is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I cannot believe that I am in an environment where I get to learn about the corporate environment, learn what its like to have that (Mr Trump\’s) extravagant lifestyle and learn how to build that success for myself," she enthused.

"After I win, Mr Trump is going to put me in his organisation wherever he sees fit where my skills can be used to the full potential," she added.

Mrs Mucheru-Wisner also said her presence in the show has helped raise the profile of Kenyans as talented, hardworking, go-getters and hopes that she will inspire other people to work towards achieving their dreams.

The mother of two moved to the US in 1999 when she won a scholarship to pursue her computer science degree at Texas A&M University. Upon completion, she undertook her Masters degree in educational technology after which she started her businesses.



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