Review committee endorses Abdikadir

October 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya 0ct 9 – The Parliamentary Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee has finally resolved a row pitting coalition partners ODM and PNU against each other and delayed the work of the crucial law reform committee.

Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohamed has finally taken over the leadership of the crucial team hours after relinquishing his chairmanship at the Departmental Committee on Justice and legal Affairs to ODM’s Ababu Namwamba in a power trade off deal that ended the weeklong row.

The oversight committee endorsed Mohammed’s leadership and that of Millie Odhiambo as Vice Chairperson.

“We did have two three days of false starts and we are glad that is now behind us. We have looked at the schedule of what is required of us, as the constitution requires a number of commissions to be set up 90 days after promulgation,” Mr Mohamed said.

ODM had objected Abdikadir’s election in the new committee arguing that he cannot be allowed to head two key committees since he has also been the chairman of the equally powerful legal affairs team.

Speaking soon after taking over her new post, Ms Odhiambo emphasized the need to remain united in the implementation of the new constitution.

“There is a lot of work that is ahead of us and we are focused on making sure we undertake the task of implementing the constitution with diligence,” Ms Odhiambo said.

The two resigned from their posts at the Committee on Justice and legal Affairs in favor of Mr Namwamba and PNU’s Njoroge Baiya as Vice Chair.

In return ODM has accepted to withdraw its objection to Mr Mohammed’s election in the oversight committee and allowed it to start on guiding the implementation of the new constitution.

“We had a responsibility unique to us and we have discharged it fully,” Committee Member Mutava Musyimi said.

The Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution will be mandated to among other things oversee the development of legislation required to implement the new law.

Parliament will also be putting into gear the implementation process with two bills coming for first reading in the House, namely the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution Bill and the Vetting of the Judges and Magistrates Bill.


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