Raila seeks Rift Valley support

October 23, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has cautioned Kenyans against incessant politicking saying it was diversionary and self-defeating.
The PM particularly warned against introduction  of 2012 politics in  national agenda noting that it was premature and  will raise unnecessary tension in the country .

Emphasising that the country needed a conducive atmosphere to operationalize the new Constitution, Mr Odinga said this was not a time for political contests but for pooling together to ensure that Kenyans reap from the new constitution.

The PM was speaking when he addressed a leaders’ meeting and a public rally in Kapsabet while on a civic education tour on the new Constitution in the Nandi County.

Mr Odinga told Kenyans not to always  read politics, adding electioneering  ended with the 2007 elections  while  the next general elections is still two years away. “We cannot therefore be talking about 2012 now when we are expected to be working for this nation.”

Once again the PM said the new Constitution belonged to all Kenyans and asked those who opposed the new law to join those who supported it in ensuring it succeeded.

Noting those who opposed the new law were simply exercising their democratic rights, the PM said they cannot therefore be persecuted for their beliefs adding the referendum would also have been unnecessary if everyone was in agreement with the draft Constitution.

He said: “Kenyans should ignore the propaganda that emanated from either sides of the referendum campaigns and quickly close ranks for the Constitution to work.”

In this connection, he asked the locals to ignore propaganda that the government will repossess people’s land if the new Constitution was passed emphasising that it will instead continue to protect people’s property including land.

Mr Odinga noted that Nandi district was well endowed agriculturally adding the central government and the newly created county governments will endevour to ensure the provision of the requisite infrastructure so that farmers can access outside markets easily.
In this regard, Mr Odinga said Kenyans now expected the county governments to prudently use the 15 per cent funds that will be devolved to the counties to ensure that roads and other infrastructure are well developed and maintained.

“You do not have to present memoranda to leaders to have the government  built this or that project for you. Under the devolved system of government, the county governments are expected to provide the infrastructure which you as tax payers  deserve,” he added.

The PM  at the same time challenged private investors to invest in  the area noting that opportunities abound in the agriculture sector especially  in the dairy, horticulture and sugar industries.

“This is a new dawn, we should wake up and work to create job opportunities for the youth of this country,” he said.

Once again, Mr Odinga lauded Kenyan athletes for their exploits in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games noting that many of them came from Nandi.

Noting that the athletes were a source of pride to the country, the PM said there was need to upgrade Kipchoge stadium in Kapsabet to international standards to grow more talent in the area.

Cabinet Ministers Henry Kosgey and Sally Kosgei  called  for unity among l Kenyans saying  the country needed the contribution of  all to move to the next level of development.

Also present was the Minister for Lands James Orengo  and  Assistant Ministers Magerer Langat and Beatrice Kones.


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