Kenyan baby thief jailed

October 1, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Oct 1 – A mother of three boys who stole an eleven month old child blaming God for denying her a baby girl was on Friday jailed for four years by a Nyahururu court.

Principal Magistrate Teresiah Matheka said Naomi Mugure Kiragu\’s act deserved a stern punishment to deter other possible offenders.

"For one week, the mother of the child was childless and spent sleepless night not knowing what had happened to her child.Children are being murdered, raped and private parts sliced off thereby fuelling an illegal trade," said Ms Matheka.

Ms Kiragu had earlier denied abducting the eleven month old on August 15 at Free Pentecostal Fellowship of Kenya, Kwa Kibathi village in Nyandarua West district.

The court heard that the accused had gone to church to worship and bumped on another minor who was carrying the infant where she reportedly offered to help the little girl baby-sit the sleeping infant.

"You (accused) knew the children so well as you were visiting your brother and when you offered to help Muthoni carry the sleeping child, she readily accepted and returned to the church only to realise you had vanished," she noted.

Church members launched the manhunt when they realised the child was missing.

Her mobile phone was tracked to Subukia where she had rented a room.

But the accused became a bother to neighbours begging for food and a place to sleep prompting them to suspect something was amiss.

The landlord took the mobile phone as security and raised her brother who disclosed the details to him .


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