Industrialization key for economic growth

October 9, 2010 12:00 am

, KERICHO, Kenya, Oct 9 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga  has said Kenya’s  economic prosperity   depends on   working  systems  that will steer the country towards rapid industrialization  and the creation of more job opportunities.

Saying it was imperative for the country to move from pre-industrialized to  industrialized society, the PM said there was need  to develop the private sector  as the engine of economic growth.

Raila  said it was unfortunate that  Kenya was  still a struggling third world country because of   poor economic  policies in the past   adding   the new constitution provided  proper structures  that readied the country for an  economic takeoff.

The PM was  speaking  in Kericho when he addressed  participants at a civic education forum on devolved system of government .

He said,“ Kenya should not play in the league of poor countries, it shames me as a leader  to go begging for food and other assistance from outside the country , when we can be self reliant.”

At the same time, Raila asked Kenyans  to stop the culture of depending on the public service for  jobs  saying government ministries and parastatals   have  only 500,000 positions which were not available.

“We must grow the private sector to  finish poverty  and remove this country from this  economic quagmire,” he added.

On the Mau , Raila reassured that the government will resettle all  those  who were removed from the Mau forest  on alternative land  elsewhere.

Emphasizing that the government had not reneged on its earlier promise, the PM said the resettlement programme would also  cover other  internally displaced people  still living in IDP camps around the country.

Raila noted that the people of Mau like elsewhere in  the former rift valley province overwhelmingly voted for him adding  that he would be the last person  to want to harm them.

He acknowledged that the Mau issue  was also of considerable interest  to him adding a solution  would be found.

In response to   concerns by local leaders that the Mau issue had polluted the political atmosphere in the area, Raila said he was ready  to talk to all the stake holders and locals leaders to find a solution  to the  issue .

Once  again , the PM condemned tribalism  saying  it was the cause of many evils in the society and asked Kenyans to shun it.

“No one applied to be born in a particularly place. This was an act of God which no one  should  take advantage of,” he added.
Leaders who spoke at the forum said the Kipsigis people and the Kalenjin in general  were misled   through orchestrated propaganda  to vote against the new  constitution.

Saying they still supported the PM , the leaders  said their voting pattern during  the referendum  did not reflect  their  conviction.


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