Row over Laikipia West CDF funds

September 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NYAHURURU, Kenya, Sep 9 – A row is brewing over the management of the Laikipia West Constituency Development Committee after allegations of embezzlement of funds meant for various projects.

Area MP Nderitu Muriithi has dismissed ten Constituency Development Committee members and replaced them with new ones as investigations got underway on those sacked.

According to the MP who is also the Industrialization Assistant Minister, the members were implicated in the misappropriation and mismanagement of funds meant to facilitate several community projects in the region.

“We found it wise that the committee members be replaced so that investigations can be launched against them. We believe that they have been of no benefit to the management of the CDF kitty in the constituency and I as the CDFC chairman has the authority to replace them according to the CDF Act,” he told Capital News.

The MP said that those who replaced them had been selected from the location development committees whose elections were held early last month.

“These are people of high integrity who we believe are well conversant with the problems in the area and we believe they will reflect the will of the people unlike the previous lot,” he noted.

Mr Muriithi maintained that it was his prerogative to sack and fire CDF officials to represent the constituents at the respective committees.

However, Sipili ward councillor Michael Ndung’u who was among those replaced said he had decided to resign after having differences with the top CDFC management. He said that the decision had been reached after the MP failed to involve them in key decision making.

He said that the legislature had taken the overall role of the committee and even went ahead to fund projects which would gain him political mileage, claims that the MP refuted.

“The MP failed to consult us in various decisions despite numerous pleas and so that’s why we took that bold move. There have been disagreements between the MP and most of us over the funding of various projects,” he noted.

But Mr Muriithi maintained that the members were underperforming adding that they did not reflect the wishes of the majority and that was why he replaced them.


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