Kenyan woman killed, genitals chopped off

September 16, 2010 12:00 am

, UTHIRU, Kenya, Sep 16 -Residents of Uthiru estate in the outskirts of Nairobi woke up to a rude shock on Thursday when found the body of a 26-year-old woman who was killed, her genitals mutilated and her body dumped on a farm.

The bizarre incident occurred at Kiuru village in Uthiru, one of the areas classified as a hotspot for crime in the Kenyan capital, according to police.

The woman who worked as a barmaid at a local pub was last seen on Wednesday night with her boyfriend and three other people.

"These are the people we are looking for to tell us what happened because they were seen last with her," area District Commissioner Cornelius Wamalwa told reporters at the scene.

"What is shocking us is the fact that her genitals are cut out, we do not know what their motive was but we suspect they wanted to kill and divert our attention because of these mortuary sagas where private parts are being chopped off and sold out," he added.

The incident comes barely three days after two men were arrested at the Kenyatta National Hospital as they tried to sell male genitals chopped off from a corpse at the hospital\’s mortuary.

On Tuesday, a body of another man who died in a road accident on Jogoo Road was found lying at the City Mortuary with eyes gouged out and ears sliced off, raising fears of a thriving human parts trade in Kenya.

"We have not linked the murder of this young woman to these heinous acts of human trade. For now we are just treating it like a pure murder case whose motive we are yet to establish," a senior detective from Kabete police station who was among officers at the scene said.

 Villagers told Capital News the body was discovered at about 6am by a neighbour was going to buy milk at a nearest kiosk.

Soon after, they realised that the dead woman was well known in the area and was the girlfriend to a man whose house is located less than 100 meters from where the body had been dumped.

Her body lay naked and was sprawled on a cultivated farm, with a white tracksuit she wore she was last seen alive placed next to her body.

"We know her very well… she works at the pub up there, and she was well yesterday.  I even saw in the afternoon.  I am surprised at what I am seeing here," John Mwangi, a resident in the area said.

There was not much blood at the scene, an indication that the woman was killed elsewhere and her body dumped on the farm.

"It is very clear from what we are seeing here, this woman was not murdered here.  She has stab wounds on the neck, stomach and her private parts are severely cut out, we expected to see a lot of blood but there is none of that," another policeman said.

Police broke into the house of the woman\’s boyfriend and conducted an extensive search before they towed away his vehicle which was parked at the compound.

"We have been given his mobile phone number but his phone is off.  We are doing everything possible to ensure we get him and the friends they were drinking with at the bar last [Wednesday] night," another detective at the scene said.

Police said they were investigating reports that neighbours heard a commotion in the man\’s house on Wednesday night.

"We have reason to believe that the killing was a result of whatever transpired in the man\’s house when they were quarrelling at night," the area DC said.

The incident attracted hundreds of villages who milled at the scene before police collected the body and took it to the City Mortuary six hours after it was first discovered.


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