Kenyan MPs divided on future of PCs, DCs

September 15, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 15 – Naivasha Member of Parliament John Mututho is now proposing that a restructured model of the provincial administration be implemented on a trial basis in select areas in order to polish it before a nationwide rollout.

Addressing a press conference at Parliament buildings on Wednesday, Mr Mututho proposed that the new system be experimented in at least six selected constituencies to eliminate the ongoing tussle on whether the provincial system is necessary and how it should look like.

"We should try this now so that we can see how the structures will look like. Having learnt from this we can now make an appropriate law for it," he said.

He castigated those calling for the disbandment of the system saying such a move would create confusion and a vacuum.

"What we want to do is to leave our country to the gangs as we argue over this issue," scoffed the MP.

"What we have is an improved version of the American system where the federal government is well represented on the ground. Let\’s look at their system of the Sheriff which works out very well."

The Ministry of Internal Security and Provincial Administration last week announced that it was due to complete the new face of the administration generating a storm with Ministers and a section of MPs who objected to the single-handed approach by the Ministry.

Others have proposed the scrapping of the system all together saying it will stifle the envisaged county government system.  People with this school of thought want all government officers under the county governor.

"What we are proposing is to make the Governor the farmer number one, police officer number one, doctor number one…” he quipped.

The MP said the ongoing debate is a complete distortion of the new Constitution since it provides for the restructuring and not abolishing.

"How do they propose we structure the district security system to look like?" he posed.

Mr Mututho urged Ministers to stop the controversy and instead concentrate on coming up with modalities on how their ministries will work with the new devolved system.

"Let Professor Anyang Nyong\’o (Medical Services Minister) tell us whether he has enough doctors to send to each county. The Ministries of Agriculture and that of Livestock should tell us whether they have extension officers for all counties and so on," he said.

Also supporting the retention but restructuring of the provincial administration was Medical Services Assistant Minister Kambi Kazungu.

Mr Kazungu accused those opposed to the restructuring of misinterpreting the new Constitution which gives the national government five years to restructure the system.

"Imagine a country without a national system that is working. How would it look like?" he asked.


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