Kenyan man stabs brother 15 times

September 5, 2010 12:00 am

, WANGIGE, Kenya, Sep 5 – A man stabbed two of his elder brothers to death in a Kenyan suburb on Sunday morning.

The 26-year-old man said to be a habitual bhang smoker and peddler first attacked one of the brothers at a roadside food kiosk at Wangige shopping centre, on the outskirts of the capital Nairobi.

He then went and broke into a house where his eldest brother was sleeping about 300 meters away and stabbed him 15 times before he fled to a local pub about half a kilometer away where he is reported to have bragged to bartenders that "I have killed two people and they are my brothers."

The shocking incident occurred at Kanyariri village in Wangige, 22 kilometers from the city.

"I am his uncle and I live just next here, I heard screams of his elder brother and when I rushed to check, I found him bleeding from the stomach and neck, he had been stabbed many times and could not survive," Peter Gitahi told Capital News at the scene.

"He (victim) was speaking when I arrived here at about 3am and he was even able to tell us he had been attacked by his younger brother," he added and identified the deceased as a 46-year-old former truck driver.

He said the victim was helpless having remained bedridden for nearly two years with partial paralysis.

In the first incident, the suspect reportedly knocked on the door of a food kiosk his other brother was operating and attacked him with a knife immediately he let him in.

"When he knocked the door, he clearly identified him and even said he was waking his brother up so that they could bake mandazis for the day but when he opened he confronted him and stabbed him severally," a neighbour who only identified himself as Ng\’ang\’a said.

When the Capital News crew arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, bodies of the two were still lying there, one of them on a bed and another sprawled on the ground in a pool of blood with visible multiple stab wounds.

The suspect\’s uncle said when they went to report the matter at Kikuyu police station, a driver of the vehicle they were using told them the suspect was at a pub in the shopping centre where he was asking to be escorted to the police station.

"We were writing the report in the Occurrence Book at about 4am when the driver who had taken us there came and told us the suspect was at the pub, and that is when policemen went there and found him narrating to patrons and bartenders that he had killed two of his brothers.  He appeared unshaken because he even volunteered to show the police where he had buried the killer weapon," Mr Gitahi narrated.

"And for sure when we went there with him and the police he showed us the knife.  He also admitted that he was responsible for the killing of the two men before he was escorted to the cells," the suspect\’s uncle added.

Crime Record
Area Assistant chief Peter Njoroge told Capital News the suspect was a wanted man, having jumped bail last Monday when he was required to appear at the Kikuyu Law courts for a drug-related case.

"This man who has killed two of his brothers here was a wanted man, he failed to appear in court on Monday and a warrant for his arrest was issued. We were looking for him," Mr Njoroge of Kanyariri sub-location said.

He said the suspect had been arrested in May and charged for being in possession of some 200 rolls of bhang but was granted a bond of Sh10,000 to appear in court on Monday.

"And this is not the first case… he has been in and out of the police cells on bhang-related charges. He smokes and sells bhang in this village. He is a very troublesome man and everybody here knows that," he added.

According to the chief, the man had confessed to them that he had wanted to kill one of his sisters who ironically is the one who posted bail for him in court.

"That is what he has told us.  In fact, even the sister has said he knocked her door severally but she did not open for him," he said.

The suspect was still being detained at the Kikuyu police station on Sunday afternoon.

Shocked villagers of Kanyariri village woke up to a rude shock of the murders and many shelved plans to attend church to follow the unfolding events.

"I could be in church now, but after hearing all these sad news, I can\’t even go, I am still shocked at what this man has done. It is hard to believe this has happened in our village," Margret Wanjiru, a food vendor in the area told Capital News.

For some like Chris Kimani, a matatu conductor in the centre it was business as usual.

"He should thank his God we did not find him here, we could have lynched him. How can he kill his brothers just like that," he said as he went about his business at the bus stop in Wangige shopping centre.


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