Kenya looks East to execute new law

September 2, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 2 – Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula on Thursday met with Asian and Middle East heads of missions to seek assistance with the implementation of the new Constitution.

Mr Wetangula said that Kenya welcomed their technological and monetary input towards realising the full benefits of the new law for Kenyans.

He stated that similar discussions would be held with other ambassadors in an effort to bolster Kenya’s bid to enforce the new Constitution.

“They have come out openly to say, tell us what kind of drafters you require, what kind of support you require. We have our cherished friends like China who talk very little but when you ask them for an envelope they will give you,” he said.

“I think that is very positive especially now as we seek to implement this new law that signals the second rebirth of the country.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister will meet next with representatives of the Americas and European Union.

“We have exchanged views and we are looking at how to move forward. I do not think that we are engaged in an adversarial discussion,” he stated.

“I was briefing them and I have been duly briefed and I can assure you that they are very happy with the depth and width of my briefing,” the Minister added.

Representing the Asian and Middle East countries during the event, Korean Ambassador to Kenya Hon Gon Li expressed their commitment in assisting Kenya put the new law into effect.

He said the assistance provided would go a long way in cementing the relationship between Kenya and the Asian and Middle East countries.

He described the new Constitution as a stepping stone for Kenyans as it signalled a new beginning.

“This morning we have had a great opportunity to be briefed by the minister in person about the rebirth of the second Republic of Kenya and the new Constitution and we were very much impressed by his great efforts to explain the long path that Kenyans have been through,” he stated.

He said successful implementation would be vital for consolidating democracy and national stability.

“The promulgation of the new Constitution has made sure that the rights of each Kenyan are considered and we have also expressed our great hopes and expectations to Kenyans as a whole as we strive to help it its efforts,” he said.



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