Kenya hails American support

September 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 9 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has extended his appreciation to the United States government for their mentorship role in promoting democratic ideals in the country.

He told a cocktail party hosted for visiting members of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) on Wednesday night that the US was instrumental in creating civic awakening in the country that culminated with the recent promulgation of a new Constitution.

The Premier however cautioned Kenyans not to relent in their quest for a just and ideal society but push for the enactment of legislations required to anchor and make the new constitution operational within the set time frame.

“Kenyans had high expectations that change will be instant when the new laws take effect. It is prudent that leaders and people take responsibility to push the reform agenda to the next level to realise the dream,” he said.

He discouraged Kenyans against negative ethnicity but urged them to exploit our unity in diversity to overcome the challenges the tribal factor posed in strengthening cohesive co existence among communities.
Mr Odinga who recounted the price it took to oppose the ruling regime during the reign of the single party state commended the NDI chairperson Madeline Albright for her support when it mattered.

The NDI committee members jetted into the country earlier in the week for a historical board meeting ever to be held out of American soil in acknowledgment of the democratic strides the country took to realize a constitutional dispensation.
Cabinet Ministers and members of the diplomatic corps graced the colorful ceremony held at a Nairobi hotel.


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