Infants targeted in Kenya circumcision project

September 10, 2010 12:00 am

, KISUMU, Kenya, Sep 10 – A pilot project to have male children circumcised at birth has commenced in Nyanza under a partnership by the universities of Nairobi, Illinois and Manatoba (UNIM).

UNIM project coordinator Dr June Odoyo said the new initiative is being piloted at New Nyanza General hospital, Kisumu, Siaya and Kombewa district hospitals.

Dr Odoyo said already they have trained health workers, mostly nurses, in the selected hospitals on how to circumcise the infants.

He explained that the nurses will use special gadgets known as a Mogen clamp to perform the circumcision at birth.

He says the new initiative is cheaper and heals faster and should be embraced by parents.

Speaking during a media training on male circumcision in Kisumu, Dr Odoyo said acceptance is low among the mothers besides resistance from the Luo Council of Elders.

He said the elders have declined to support the pilot project claiming it is against the culture of the Luo community.

Dr Odoyo said the report on the new initiative would be released by the end of the year to assist the government to plan on the health of its citizens.

He says ideally, male circumcision in Nyanza province ought to have targeted the infants but narrowed down on the adults who were at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.


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