Yes declares victory in Kenya law vote

August 5, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 5 – The conveners of the ‘Yes’ Secretariat have welcomed their historic win terming it as a milestone that marks a rebirth for the country.

Yes Secretariat Co-convener Kiraitu Murungi, who led an ecstatic team of ‘Yes’ campaigners at a press briefing, said the victory is for all Kenyans including those who were opposed to the draft constitution, who must now unite to implement the new law that will transform Kenya into a new republic.

“This is the birth of the second Republic of Kenya; a Kenya that Kenyans have been yearning and fighting for in many years. We therefore need to celebrate with grace, this historic moment. Our victory is for Kenyans from all walks of lives,” he said.

As at 12.19pm on Thursday, the ‘Greens’ had a convincing win at 5,174,348 votes or 67.9 percent of the total votes counted although the Interim Independent Electoral Commission was yet to officially announce the results.

“The gallant people of Kenya have spoken with a thunderous voice. To say that we have won is an understatement. Kenya has been truly reborn,” Mr Murungi enthused, while adding that a lot of effort will need to be put in to work out the modalities of implementing the new law.

The team has also lauded the leadership of President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka in assisting to deliver the new constitution, which they equated to a baby.

“This bouncing baby has been in the mother’s womb for too long. In fact, it has been twenty years of painful labour. Now the baby has been born, let us all unite and in one accord take care of this beautiful precious baby,” Mr Murungi emphasised.

He also hailed Kenyans for conducting a peaceful referendum process saying that it has helped redeem the country’s international image, which was severely battered following the violence that broke up after the announcement of the disputed presidential elections.

“The breath taking ‘Yes’ vote has confirmed Kenya as one strong, united nation setting standards for the continent and indeed the entire world. This win has brought national redemption to those who have suffered and those who lost their lives in the struggle for the new constitution,” the co-convener added.

The secretariat reiterated that despite this being a ‘Green’ win, it was for all Kenyans who will now be governed by a new law that ushers the country into a new chapter in its history.

According to another ‘Yes’ member Musalia Mudavadi, who’s also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government, major changes will be needed to transform the country.

To do that, he said, there will be need to rebuild the confidence of the people especially those who were opposed to the draft and felt that their wishes were not reflected in the document.

Parliament, Mr Mudavadi said, will need to rise to the occasion and play a significant role in the implementation of various legislations contained in the new law.

A minimum of 23 pieces of legislation, he added, will need to be fast tracked in the execution of the law in an exercise which needs to be participatory.


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