Veteran politician Keen speaks on new law

August 25, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 24 – Veteran politician John Keen is urging the government and Parliament to ensure the new Constitution is implemented in totality.

In an interview with Capital news, he says Kenya has been struggling for many years to get a new Constitution, and failing to implement it will not be a fulfillment of the wishes of Kenyans.

“The implementing committee of Parliament has to be resolute… not to defend the past.  The past is gone, let us ensure this Constitution is implemented for Kenya,” he said.

Mr Keen further says August 27 will be a historical day and he wishes that people will celebrate it in appreciation of the big achievement made after many years of struggle.

“The Constitution process has been going on for many years and all this time, Kenyans have been wanting change, because the 1962 Lancaster Constitution was amended several times to pave way for draconian laws against the people of Kenya,” he explained.

He said Kenya had over the years endured rule under draconian laws which do not address the plight and humanity of the nation.

He related the promulgation of the new Constitution to a revolution that would be recongnised not just in Kenya but in the whole world.  “This is a broad and brave step that will earn Kenya international respect and credit.”

At his age – which he has clocked at least 90 – the politician has witnessed Kenya struggle for the new Constitution, a journey he describes as tough and long.

He believes that Kenya has finally achieved the constitution because of the hard work and the political will of Kenyans that prevailed over other interests.

Even as Kenya prepares itself for the big day, he is appealing to the government to invite veteran politicians who took part in the struggle for a new Constitution for decades.

He says there are only few of alive and it will be a great honour to have them recognised or invited to the Uhuru Park celebrations on Friday.

“There are few of us, about four or five of us left, it will not be an expense on the government to invite wazees (old men) like us,” he says.

He says he is proud to see Kenya choose peace and establish everlasting stability.


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