Police: No insecurity during Kenya vote

August 5, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 5 – There has been no incident of insecurity reported in any part of the country since Wednesday morning when the referendum vote kicked off, according to police.

Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere told Capital News that the referendum exercise has been “peaceful throughout the period.”

“We have not had any single incident of violence of any form of insecurity threats at all. It has been peaceful all the way,” the police chief told Capital News on telephone.

Mr Iteere said, “We attribute the success in the management of security during this referendum period to the cooperation from Kenyans in the spirit of community policing.”

The police chief said the officers deployed in all parts of the country would remain in those areas even after the referendum to ensure there is peace even after the results are announced.

“All those arrangements have been put in place, we are determined to ensure there is security all over and it is not just because of the referendum, as I said it is before, during and after the (referendum) period,” he added.

North Eastern Provincial Commissioner Joseph Ole Serian told Capital News that even the border with Somalia was well secured to ensure militia men from the neighbouring country do not take advantage of the voting in Kenya to strike.

“We are very much alert because we know the criminals may take advantage of this period, that is why we have secured all the areas at the borders,” he said on telephone.

“The army, police and the AP’s (Administration Police) are carrying out patrols, we have not had any incidents at all,” he added.

Over 70,000 security forces have been deployed across the country to maintain security through the voting period.

Police are also using eight helicopters to carry out aerial patrols across the country to ensure maximum security.


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