PM assures world on Kenya vote

August 3, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Aug 3 – Since the 2007 election that ended in chaos, the world has entertained a belief that Kenyans cannot hold peaceful, free and fair polls. A number of Kenyans are unfortunately embracing this view.

I disagree very strongly. I believe Kenyans can hold elections that are free on ugly incidents, fair and transparent.

Tomorrow (August 4), we have a date with destiny as a nation. As we go to the referendum to decide whether the Proposed Constitution should be our Supreme Law or not, I want to appeal to our people to prove the world wrong.

I want to appeal to all Kenyans, Red or Green, to turn out in large numbers and cast their vote. I appeal to each of our citizens to ensure peace prevails throughout the voting period and after.

Let us prove to the world and to ourselves that Kenya should and can be one nation, never divisible by religion, tribe, political party, race or any of the myriad issues that are bound to come up from time to time.

Let us make a statement once and for all that we are not just a collection of tribes, clans, religious groups or races.

Let us prove that we, the people of Kenya, can still stand up and make hard decisions for ourselves peacefully, in a free and fair contest.

The decision we make at this poll will stay with us, our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

It is the same way the decision our parents and grandparents made in Lancaster in the 1960s have stayed with us until this day.

Whatever his or her stand, each and every Kenyan who registered as a voter should cast their vote. This decision is too important to be made without the input of every Kenyan of voting age.

Let us be patient and tolerant as we wait to vote. Let us help the infirm, the elderly and all others who may have problems accessing polling stations.

Let us be gracious and kind to fellow citizens.

As we cast the ballot in this landmark process, let us remember of that casting the ballot is but only part of the journey.

There is still quite a distance to cover. The road ahead will be long, rough and sometimes steep.

It will take unity of purpose, determination, focus and a realization that in the end, we all belong to one nation, the Republic of Kenya, for us to succeed.

We shall overcome.

AUGUST 3, 2010


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