Obama urges Americans to heed higher education

August 10, 2010 12:00 am

, AUSTIN, Aug 10- President Barack Obama urged Americans Monday to crack the books and boost post-secondary graduation rates, arguing that higher education achievement was key to US economic health.

"America has to have the highest share of graduates compared to other nations. But Texas, I want you to know, we\’ve been slipping," Obama said on a visit to the University of Texas.

"In a single generation, we\’ve fallen from first place to 12th place in college graduation rates for young adults. That\’s unacceptable, but it\’s not irreversible. We can retake the lead," Obama stressed.

"What I\’ve tried to explain to people, education is an economic issue, education is the economic issue of our time," Obama insisted, arguing: "The countries that outeducate us today will outcompete us tomorrow."

The US president said first-rate education must be a top priority for the US economy to flourish.

"The single most important step we must take is make sure that every one of our young people (…) has the best education that the world has to offer. That\’s the number one thing we can do," Obama said.



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