New law a boost to Kenya s Vision 2030

August 14, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 14 – The board charged with implementing Vision 2030 says it will now concentrate all its energies into fully developing the economic pillar of the development blueprint in order to transform Kenya into a middle income state in the next 20 years.

Vision 2030 Delivery Board Chairman James Mwangi said the passage of the new Constitution gives them the impetus to unlock economic opportunities and start executing reforms needed to achieve all the flagship projects outlined in the document and within the set timelines.

"As a board, we will now focus on the economic pillar so that we can be able to create that stimulus that the private sector and the citizens need to be able to contribute positively towards their country\’s development," Mr Mwangi told the media after a board meeting.

There have been concerns that Kenya might not be able to attain its development objectives due to a number of setbacks and shocks such as the post election violence, drought and effects of the financial crisis that the country has experienced in the last two years.

However, the board sought to assure that the country was now back on a growth momentum that would see these targets reached in order to eliminate poverty, create wealth and improve the quality of life of the Kenyan people.

Mr Mwangi for instance cited certain sectors of the economy such as the ICT, infrastructure, energy and water and irrigation, where the implementation of the flagship projects is ahead of schedule and therefore likely to contribute to the overall accomplishment of the Vision.

The new constitutional dispensation, he said, provides a conducive environment and immense opportunities which if exploited with see the country meet its targets before the 2030.

Despite this progress however, the board felt that Kenyans will have to play their role in the transformation of their economy through for example increasing productivity in their work.

"If we re-doubled our efforts in terms of individual productivity, this country would make great progress," he said adding this would require people to change their attitude and embrace values that define them as Kenyans and ensure that social harmony is created.

By doing all these, Kenya would be guaranteed of a better and bright future. The Head of the Public Service and board member Francis Muthaura said the country would be be run by strong institutions and governed by the rule of law.

It will be a country that will be managed by high level professionals and \’leaders of vision\’ who have the interest of the country at heart, he added.

It was however not lost to the board members on the need to educate Kenyans on all the implementation of the various reform agendas such as the Vision 2030 and of the Constitution to enable them participate in and own these processes.

For that reason, a three-tier civic education exercise with high level officials has been planned and will entail having the President, Prime Minister and the Vice President visiting different parts of the country to foster reconciliation and national healing.

Ministries, county governments and the media will also be called upon to bring the country together and ensure that peace prevails.


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