Key facts on Kenyan proposed law

August 4, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 4 – Kenyans voted Wednesday on a new constitution aimed at making the country\’s institutions more democratic. The current basic law dates back to the 1963 independence.

Here are some of the changes proposed in the new document:

GOVERNANCE: The proposed constitution retains a presidential system but places checks on the executive. The president is impeachable and key appointments have to be submitted to parliamentary approval. The post of prime minister is scrapped. A senate is created to include representatives of 47 newly-created counties. There can be no more than 22 ministers, all of whom have to come from outside of parliament.

CITIZENSHIP: The new charter allows dual citizenship. Women can pass on the Kenyan nationality to their children.

BILL OF RIGHTS: The proposed constitution consolidates a number of basic rights and freedoms and authorises abortion if the mother\’s health is in danger.

LAND: The constitution establishes the National Land Commission, which will be tasked with advising the government on titling and registration. The new set-up would increase taxation and take some power away from the president on an issue that is a key source of power and wealth.


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