Kenya’s opposing teams urged to think peace

August 1, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 1- The National Cohesion and Integration Commission has said it was already working with both the Yes and No teams to ensure they met immediately after the referendum to map a way forward for the country.

Commissioner Halakhe Waqo called on both teams to celebrate in moderation because it would not be a loss to any of the teams and the real work would begin after the referendum.

“We are working to prevent any eventuality in the negatives,” Commissioner Waqo told a press conference on Sunday.

Another Commissioner Alice Nderitu said they would hold a peace procession on Tuesday after which they would launch a peace vigil for the country at the KICC.

“We will also ensure that we will be up to date when the results are being released so that we maintain a peace barometer to ensure peaceful reactions to the results,” she said.

The Commission which has partnered with other organisations including the United Nations Development Programme under the banner of Uwiano Platform for Peace said it would also have peace caravans in seven districts of Nairobi prior to the referendum.

Commissioner Fatuma Mohammed noted that since the Uwiano platform of peace was formed two weeks ago, there had been tremendous change in which communities had embraced peace.

“We see Kenyans voting peacefully in the referendum. Some of the positive changes have been made possible because of the linkages between peace committees, the SMS technology which was launched and the swift action by the Kenya police who after receiving reports have been dealing firmly with those who break the law during the campaign,” she said.

Separately, the National Civil Society Congress urged Kenyans to remain peaceful and respect the verdict of the majority as well as the position of the minority.

Constitution and Reform Education Consortium Executive Secretary, Kawive Wambua said the referendum was only a beginning rather than an end.

“The colour green can peacefully co-exist with the colour red. Kenya is a great nation and we can conquer fear, anxiety and violence. So let us remember that we shall be one nation, one people and one country no matter the outcome of the referendum,” he said. 


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