Kenyan NGOs to monitor implementation

August 15, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 15- Civil Society groups have now shifted focus to implementation of the new Constitution and launched the Jukwaa la Katiba initiative.

National Civil Society Congress President Morris Odhiambo said on Sunday that the new initiative would ensure true implementation of the new law and ensure that amendments made were in line with the wishes of Kenyans.

He said that the initiative would also provide a platform for Kenyans to participate in implementation of the Constitution as well as improve understanding of the Constitution through civic education.

“Jukwaa la Katiba will have national level structures and structures in all the 47 counties to be in line with the spirit of devolution. We wish to send out a strong warning to any would be saboteurs of the new constitutional dispensation that we shall stop on their tracks,” Mr Odhiambo said.

He said that the national and local structures would share responsibilities where the national structures would mainly be responsible for advocacy and monitoring while the local structures would be involved in civic education and mobilisation of Kenyans in defense of the constitution.

He said they would soon commence the process of mobilising Kenyans across the country through meetings in major regional centres such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri and Kakamega.

The civil society groups also said that they were opposed to inclusion of the opponents of the new law in its implementation.

“We don’t want people who will take us backwards by talking about amendments,” he said.

Retired PCEA cleric reverend Timothy Njoya said Kenyans should start living the new constitution and remain vigilant.

“The people of Kenya who voted for this Constitution voted to work not to go to sleep. They voted to be part and parcel of the whole process for the next five years and beyond of implementing this constitution and should be alert that they are not hijacked by sideshows,” Rev Njoya said.


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