Kenyan MPs demand peace

August 19, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 19 – Members of Parliament on Thursday demanded that the government names non-government organisations (NGOs) which were under investigation for fuelling tension in parts of Rift Valley Province.

The NGOs are being accused of portraying the area as volatile to earn more funding from their donors.

During Parliament’s afternoon session on Thursday, the government sought to downplay reports that leaflets were being circulated for communities to leave Burnt Forest area after they voted in favour of the proposed Constitution at the August 4 referendum.

MPs Joseph Kiuna (Molo), Julius Kones (Konoin) and Eugene Wamalwa (Saboti) called for the naming of the NGOs’ financiers and asked the government to continue with the intensified security patrols.

Mr Kiuna said that the referendum vote was peaceful,” how come that it is only in the Rift Valley, where some few feel or think that they should threaten other communities?”

“It seems that this is big business for some of these organisations and donor agencies,” Mr Kones added.

Internal Security Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode however told Parliament that the government would deregister all the organisations which are said to be fanning disharmony among Kenyans.

“I want to assure the whole republic that the government is alert on anyone who may want to destabilise the peace in the country; but I undertake that if it is indeed true that they were involved, I will deregister them,” he said.

Mr Ojode however run into trouble with MPs after he cautioned some of them from making inciting remarks.

“I would like to caution my colleagues to desist from making statements that can incite those that are leaving together,” said Mr Ojode amid interruptions of points of order from the MPs.

Burnt Forest was one of the worst hit by the post election violence where several lives and properties running into millions of shillings were lost.


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