Kenyan leaders toast Yes victory

August 5, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 5 – Kenyan leaders have praised the citizen\’s for endorsing the proposed Constitution.

President Mwai Kibaki led the Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and other leaders in celebrating the victory of yes team saying the victory is for all Kenyans.

In his speech the President said: "The historic journey we began over 20 years ago is now coming to an end. I am particularly pleased at the transparent manner and peaceful manner in which the IIEC conducted the referendum. I also want to thank Raila, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Ministers, MPs and all other leaders for their frontline leadership in achieving this new constitution."

”I thank all the institutions established by the grand coalition government for the reform agenda for their valuable contribution,”

”Fellow Kenyans let us. Indeed may the new constitution be our shield and defender as we conquer poverty, disease and oppression. In you Kenyans I see a great people ready to build a prosperous nation.

”In our youth, I see the next generation and drivers of our economy," the President said.

”In this regard, I call for unity of purpose in all arms of government, Executive, Parliament and Judiciary as well the civil society and the media for a successful implementation of a new Constitution.

”We shall continue with dialogue as we implement a new constitution, those who have expressed different views in the new Constitution will continue to be listened to. That is democracy.”

"Let us all prepare to play a role in the new Kenya through a new constitution once it is proclaimed.

”We are happy because we have reached where we have reached; it is now upon us to remain united. All of us, even if it means we did not agree in opinion now we shall be together and remain together to build a new Kenya."

On his part the PM said Kenyans have spoken and urged all including the No team to embrace the result.

"Kenyans have spoken in one voice, they have voted in a new constitution. We want to thank all Kenyans who came out in large numbers to vote for the new Constitution.

”We also want to thank the IIEC for conducting a free and fair referendum," he said at the KICC where he was accompanied by the President.

"We had a big team which I must congratulate, they include the President, Vice President, Deputy prime ministers and the ministers and MPs and you Kenyans. We are all happy for the successful referendum here in Kenya."

"Our team has played well and we have won, this is not the end, it is the beginning. Work has just started. The work of building a new Kenya has just started. We will remain united with you Kenyans and all the leaders in building this new Kenya."

"I also want to thank those who were opposing us because they were exercising their democratic right and I also thank them for conceding defeat. We will remain united in this task of building a new Kenya."

Businessman Chris Kirubi was among the first business leaders to comment on the final results.
“This is wonderful news for all Kenyans especially for investors, it has been a long struggle for Kenyans in search of this new constitution,” Mr Kirubi said.

He said he was impressed by the transparent manner in which the IIEC had conducted the entire referendum.

“It is impressive to see how the exercise was carried out, all Kenyans were looking forward to a successful referendum exercise and we are happy the IIEC has met our expectations,” he added.


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