Kenyan leader dedicates new law to Kenyatta

August 22, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya AUG 22- President Mwai Kibaki has called on all Kenyans remain united as the country prepares to usher in the new constitutional dispensation on Friday when it will be promulgated. 

The President said that Kenyans should not be sidetracked from the great work ahead, since the new law offers them a chance for national renewal.

Speaking  during the 32nd anniversary memorial service for the country’s founding President the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta held at the P.C.E.A St. Andrews Church in Nairobi , the Head of State said the best way of thanking Mzee Kenyatta and other founding fathers of the nation is by ensuring that their vision of a great Kenya is realized.

“Mzee Jomo left us a great nation and what we are called upon to do is to ensure that we carry on with the work of building it further into greater heights from where he left,” President Kibaki said.

He paid glowing tribute to the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, saying that he was a great leader who stood firm on his principles and ideals of making Kenya a country that all wananchi will be proud of.
“For the younger generation, who are not aware of the great achievements of Mzee Kenyatta, I would like to encourage you to carefully read the history of Kenya and you will see how great a man he was. Reading our nation’s history is also important to help you understand the dynamics that have shaped our country,” he said.

The President observed that even the suffering Mzee Kenyatta underwent when he was detained did not blur his vision of the path Kenya should take in order to become a respectable nation.

President Kibaki also commended Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who was present, for her commitment in supporting Mzee Kenyatta’s values and ideals.

Speaking on behalf of the Kenyatta family, his son Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru noted that his father would be a proud person if he was alive at this time when the country is ushering in a new constitution.

He said: “My father was a man who taught us that the strength of the family lies in the unity of its family members, the same way the strength of a nation is the unity of its citizens".

Mr Kenyatta who is also the Finance Minister also paid tribute to President Kibaki for his leadership during the entire period Kenya was involved in searching a new constitutional dispensation.

In his sermon, P.C.E.A General Assembly Moderator David Riitho Gathanju called on all Kenyans to play their part in ensuring that the new constitution is fully implemented.

He urged Kenyans to involve God in every stage of the implementation process, saying God’s guidance is essential in ensuring that the process is not derailed.
Earlier, President Kibaki joined the family of Mzee Kenyatta, led by Mama Ngina Kenyatta, in laying wreaths at the mausoleum of the country’s first President at Parliament Buildings.



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