Kenyan in the UK welcome new law

August 28, 2010 12:00 am

, LONDON, Aug 28 – Kenyans living in the Diaspora have hailed the promulgation of the new constitution saying it will be beneficial to beneficial to them.

In the United Kingdom, Kenyans resident there ushered in the new constitution with song and dance and promised to take greater initiative in building the nation.

Kenya\’s mission in the UK hosted the Promulgation party with the High Commissioner Ephraim Ngare ringing praises to those in the Diaspora for its contribution to Kenya\’s Economy.

Mr Ngare said the new Constitution was progressive on matters of citizenship having addressed issues that have for long been cumbersome for those seeking dual citizenship.

Agnes Gitau praised the citizenry who took the initial peaceful initiatives, who continued working hard defying a section of the political class and overwhelmingly and peacefully voted for the new law.

"We celebrate the end of cheap politics that has ruined Kenya, we can be someone, we can be part of this process because we are Kenyans, not because of status quo," Ms Gitau said.

Under the new constitution, citizenship is not lost through marriage or the dissolution of marriage vide Chapter Three Section 13 (3).

Section (14) of the new Constitution says a person will be deemed to be a citizen by birth if on the day of his birth either or both parents were Kenya citizens, whether or not they were born in Kenya.


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