Kenyan church urged to support new law

August 8, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 8 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has urged church leaders in the country to join other Kenyans in ushering in a new constitutional dispensation.

Mr Musyoka said it is time the church leadership joins hands with the rest of Kenyans in ushering in the new constitution for the sake of unity and stability in the country.

‘’The voices of the church have been heard. What has happened does not affect the mandate and authority of the church,’’ said Mr. Musyoka.

Speaking at the Pentecostal Church, Valley Road, Nairobi where he attended Sunday Church service, Mr Musyoka called on Christians to turn out in large numbers when the new constitution will be signed into law.

‘’I urge the churches to turn out in large numbers to witness the occasion when the new constitution will be signed into a new law because everybody is expected to be on board so that we can move forward as people of one nation,’’ said Mr Musyoka.

He said the recent victory was for all the people of Kenya irrespective of how they voted noting that the move reflected the resolve by Kenyans to put in place a new constitution that will embrace democracy and firmly place the country on the path to stability.

"We now need to continue to be united and sincerely embrace the spirit of dialogue among leaders and the different faiths in this country. There is no room for reds and greens any more. We have to get together and move on as one team,’’ added Mr Musyoka.

The Vice President noted that the new law will particularly be of great benefit to the future generations and urged Kenyans to forget the past and think about the future of their country.

Bishop David Oginde who delivered the sermon said despite the outcome of the referendum results, the churches are still united in pushing for the amendments of the areas they are not comfortable with.

"It is clear that there were a number of irregularities in the just concluded referendum exercise. But as Christians we have resolved that the country has to move on,’’ said Bishop Oginde.


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