Kenya VP commends media role in reforms

August 25, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 25 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has commended the media for the role they played in the Constitution making process that started over two decades ago.

Mr Musyoka noted that the media played a key role in the process through shaping up opinion since Kenyans started the difficult journey towards new order.

Noting that Kenyans have great expectations on the new law, the Vice President urged members of the Fourth Estate to continue moderating the hopes of the citizenry in order to realise a smooth transition during the implementation of the new constitution.

“The Kenyan dream has come to pass and you as a media fraternity have a noble role to play in the transition period. Moderate the peoples thinking as it is time of great excitement for Kenyans,” the VP observed.

The Vice President was speaking on Tuesday evening when he hosted members of the media for a cocktail reception at the Laico Regency hotel in Nairobi.

During the occasion, members of the Media had an opportunity to interact freely with Mr Musyoka, and discuss various issues including the VP’s plans after the recent re-appointment as the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

The press particularly engaged the Vice President over his role and that of parliament in the transition to the new constitutional dispensation.

Mr Musyoka assured the public that Parliament would play its part within stipulated period to ensure smooth implementation of the new Law.

He urged Kenyans and the media to be more patriotic and put the interest of the nation before theirs in order for the international community to understand that Kenya has come of age and has vision as to the future of the country.

The Vice President said the new constitutional order will provide greater opportunities to all Kenyans, citing the provision of dual citizenship where people can invest locally and internationally without compromising their citizenship status.

Mr Musyoka noted that the Lancaster (colonial) constitution had outlived its usefulness due to the changing  times and needs of the people, and it was time Kenyans enjoy a more accommodative supreme law that would carter for the interest of all citizens.

On Tuesday morning, the Vice President chaired the first House Business Committee meeting and is expected to move a Motion on Thursday for Parliament to conduct a special session this Saturday where MPs will take fresh oaths of office after the promulgation of the new Constitution.

Also present at the function was the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr Ludeki Chweya among other senior media personalities.


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