Kenya s VP says its a dream come true

August 27, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 27 -Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has dedicated Friday’s promulgation of a new Constitution as the realisation of the aborted initial dream to deliver the new law within the first 100 days of NARC leadership in 2003.

In an interview with Capital FM, Mr Musyoka said the realisation of this dream has been energized by the revival of the unity of the senior politicians in government to deliver the new law was reminiscent of the rainbow coalition

“It has taken us quite long but we are there. We made our mistakes but now we have come to another good beginning with the rebirth of the Second Republic,” he said.

The VP remembered the passion of the NARC dream team who had the vision of the Second Republic.

“The President actually told us we could actually have the new law within two weeks,” he added.

“The road has been quite bumpy, even leading to the deaths.”

The NARC team broke ranks a few months into power over the distribution of posts in the cabinet. One side was led by the President Mwai Kibaki while Prime Minister Raila Odinga led the other. The two groups crashed in the 2005 referendum that resulted in the defeat of the new constitution.

Mr Musyoka has attributed the success of the referendum to tolerance within the grand coalition government that experienced early turbulence over protocol and power sharing hiccups.

“The belief that we need this change has been common in all of us, the president and Prime Minster leading,” he said in the interview

“I think what united us is the fact that we got rid of self interest and supported the tenets of our manifestos.”

The President will lead the country in ushering in the new law in style at the Uhuru park grounds where he will sign the new constitution and taking a fresh oath of office. Later the Prime Minister, the VP and the  Speaker will also take fresh oaths.

Parliament will be tasked with debating and passing at least 49 Bills to effect the new law.

“This Parliament has a date with destiny to implement this constitution. We will need the support of all the 222 MPs in doing this as we move forward,” said the VP

Moving forward the newly appointed Leader of Government Business is calling for unity of all stakeholders to deliver on the various deadlines especially on new bills to be enacted. The VP who will be charged with tabling the necessary bills for debate in Parliament, is pleading for cooperation and support from MPs.

“We don’t expect free sailing things; there will be people with contrary opinions. We however don’t expect that people will not discuss deeply,” he said.


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