Kenya s PM repeats peace calls

August 15, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 15 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called for an end to side shows as the country focuses on the expected historic promulgation of the new Constitution on August 27.

The PM emphasised that there is need for Kenyans to remain united as squabbling was completely uncalled for at this moment in time.

He said all divisive attempts should be put aside as the country prepares to implement the historic changes that are set to transform Kenya for the better.

“The new Constitution marks the birth of a second republic," he said, and challenged both sides- those who voted either Yes or No in the referendum – to tolerate each other as Kenya sets on this new epic journey.

Sounding a reconciliatory tone, the Premier said that those who lost in the poll duel should swallow their pride and gracefully accept defeat; while on the other hand, the winners "should extend their hand and pull their fallen brothers from the ground."

He told an applauding crowd that "traditionally when you successfully wrestle your brother to the ground in a contest, you don’t follow him up to wind their neck."

The Premier noted that Kenyans ought to put the referendum results behind and forge ahead together in the track of nation building.

Mr Odinga was at Saint Stephens Church on Jogoo Road addressing church faithfuls and members of the public after attending a church service.

He said Kenyans were grateful to God for enabling them to achieve the much awaited -for new constitution, a feat that was realised through a peaceful poll.

The PM also called on residents of Makadara constituency to observe peace during the forthcoming campaigns for the parliamentary seat.


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