Kenya is Yes

August 5, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 5 – It will inevitably be a new dawn for Kenya, as latest provisional results from Wednesday’s poll show that Kenyans voted to adopt the proposed new Constitution.

Results from the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC)  as at 10am show that the ‘Yes’ side has 5,288,410 million votes, which represent 68 percent of the counted tally, a margin that looks insurmountable.

The ‘Reds’ on the other hand have 30.1 percent of the vote, which translates into 2,332,182 million.

The commission has also tabulated the votes cast for each of the eight provinces, which shows that at 848,477, Central Province has the highest number of people who endorsed the draft law, against 155, 400 who voted to reject the document.

On the other hand, Rift Valley Province recorded the highest number of voters who said ‘No’ at 1,057,759 million against the ‘Yes’ side, which garnered 655,046.

Out of the 12.6 million people who registered to vote, it is estimated that about eight million of these cast their ballot in the constitutional referendum that is being touted as the most successful voting exercise in Kenya so far.

Nyanza, which had the highest voter turnout at 85 percent as at 3pm on Wednesday, saw 734,093 people giving the proposed law a thumbs up against 63,236 who felt that the document was not good enough. In Nairobi, ‘Yes’ has a convincing lead with 601,312 with the ‘No’ side garnered 214,109 votes.

Coast Province was also a ‘Green’ zone going by the number of people who supported the draft law at 217, 693. However, 57, 321 of the constituents voted against the proposed document. The same was also evident in North Eastern, where the ‘Yes’ side had a convincing lead of 82, 988 against their ‘rivals’ at 3,568.

Many people in Western Province it seems want to see changes in the way Kenya is governed, as they cast 468,304 votes for ‘Yes’ against 88,860 for ‘No’.

In Eastern, the ‘Yes’ team has a marginal lead at 560,351 with the ‘No’ camp trailing with 427, 472 votes.

The transmission of results as they are received from the constituencies is still going on and all indications are that the IIEC will be able to release the final tally within its target of 36 hours.


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