Devt partners thumbs up for Kenya

August 6, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 6 – The European Union (EU) delegation together with American Ambassador Michael Ranneberger have applauded Kenya\’s historical making moment saying it paves way for the country\’s entire reform agenda.

The 14 leaders who pledged support for Kenya in the implementation phase of the contents of the new constitution also denied that their support was tied down to the \’Yes\’ win.

Amb Ranneberger further refuted claims that America promised monetary support for the country if Kenyans endorsed the new law.

"We had made it clear that putting in anew Constitution was vital for Kenya but that it was vital for Kenyans themselves to decide \’Yes\’ or \’No\’. We did not link US support or resources to a \’Yes\’ outcome. The US has a great partnership with Kenya and that partnership would continue despite the result," he said.

The delegates also asked Kenyans to remain steadfast and committed to effecting the new document with Norwegian Ambassador to Kenya Elisabeth Jacobsen saying that the hard part of the journey had just begun.

"Those of us who were here in 2005 and 2007/08 are very relieved to see that Kenyans have been able to conduct a peaceful process. This is very good proof that Kenya will move ahead and will go a long way to restore the country\’s reputation in the international community," she said.

On his part, EU Head of delegation Eric van der Linden commended the Interim Independent Electoral Commission for its efforts in ensuring Kenyans had a transparent process. He also applauded Kenyans\’ active participation and level of engagement in the process.

"We will also support the government of Kenya together with the civil societies to promote tolerance and cohesion," he said.

The British High Commissioner to Kenya Rob Macaire also commended the country\’s achievement saying it served as a reminder to the country of the level of commitment and hard work needed afterward.

"It was an extremely organized process for the country and it is a reminder of how far Kenya has come since the last election which brought suffering and pain," he observed.

German Ambassador to Kenya Margit Hellwig-Boette called on all Kenyans to embrace each others divergent views on the new document. She said the implementation stage would require everyone\’s conviction.

They also reiterated that they would continue offering their support to Kenya as they remained united in their call for Kenya\’s governance, judicial and police reforms.

Others present were; Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Shigeo Iwatani,French Ambassador to Kenya Elisabeth Barbier, Dutch Ambassador to Kenya Laetitia van den Assum, Belgium Ambassador to Kenya Igor Haustrate and the Deputy heads of missions Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland.


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