Ailing Kenyan minister leaves hospital

August 20, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya Aug 20- Tourism Minister Najib Balala has been discharged from hospital after undergoing minor surgery.

The Minister was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital on Monday after complaining of difficulty in breathing.

“By the Grace of God I’m back; I’m going home now and I would like to thank every body for their prayers,” he said. “It’s just a small operation on my nose, but I should be okay by next week.”

The minister was operated for turbinate hypertrophy, a condition caused by the enlargement of the small structures within the nose that cleanse and humidify air as it passes through nostrils into the lungs.

The surgeon cuts away the obstructing matter through the nostril and the procedure usually takes an hour or so. The patient may take between two days to four weeks to heal.

The Minister told reporters he would be taking a break from office for one week to enable him recover fully.

Doctors at the Nairobi Hospital opted not to discharge him on Thursday as scheduled, and advised that his stay be extended to Friday.

Mr Balala said: “I will be resting for one week and I will be fine, it’s nothing out of the usual.”

The minister’s aides said he was at his office Monday, when he fell ill and asked to be taken to hospital.

He becomes the second VIP to be admitted to the hospital in recent times after Prime Minister Raila Odinga was taken ill and had a surgery on his head.

Mr Balala, one of the youthful ODM ministers, is the MP for Mvita.


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