We will win, says Kenyan No Minister

July 31, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 31 – Higher Education Minister William Ruto on Saturday hosted a major \’No\’ campaign rally in his Eldoret backyard where he exuded confidence that his brigade was poised to win next week\’s referendum.

The rally at the historic 64 stadium was attended by a mammoth crowd and addressed by close to 20 politicians and church leaders. The leaders called for the rejection of the Proposed Constitution due to contentious issues.

They singled out land, abortion, inclusion of Kadhis courts and the adoption of international conventions as reasons for their opposition to the proposed law.

"A constitution is not a newspaper which if you make a mistake today you will print another tomorrow," said Mr Ruto adding "we are not going to entertain reckless clauses on the chapter of land because it is going to set this country for the worst."

Mr Ruto rubbished accusations from leaders in the \’Yes\’ camp that the \’No\’ camp is made up of self seeking politicians.

"How come today because we have not agreed with them they have now called us non-reformers and in 2005 when we were in the same camp they called us reformers?" posed the de facto leader of the No camp.

Bishop Mark Kariuki representing the Church leaders said the Christians could not endorse a document that legalises abortion and entrenches religious injustices by including Kadhis courts.

"When we were starting our campaign they said we are a small group but now our support is all over the country," said Bishop Kariuki.

The \’No\’ Chief agent David Koech called on the Interim Independent Electoral Commission to ensure that Wednesday\’s vote is free and fair.

"Let them ensure that the results to be sent via SMS are the accurate ones," said Mr Koech.

The well attended rally was the last in the area as the campaigns come to a close this Monday.

"I was the first one to oppose this draft in Parliament and I have been consistent. My boss the Prime Minister fired me but it is okay," said Belgut MP Charles Keter.

Suspended Roads assistant Minister Wilfred Machage urged President Kibaki to be in the forefront in uniting the country despite the outcome of the vote.

"I told President Mwai Kibaki to stay above these referendum politics since he is the leader of us all whether in the \’No\’ or \’Yes\’ campaign but he refused. I still believe he has time to do that," said Dr Machage.

At the same time, Retired president Daniel arap Moi pitched tent in Samburu as he intensified his \’No\’ campaign.

Church leaders on their part have planned two rallies in Githurai and Jamhuri Park on Sunday.


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