Polls: Kenyans will vote Yes

July 23, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 23 – Two opinion polls released on Friday by pollsters Infotrak and Synovate shows that most Kenyans will vote for the proposed Constitution during the August 4 referendum.

Infotrak said 65 percent of Kenyans would vote ‘Yes’ if the referendum was held today while 25 percent would vote ‘No’ while 10 percent of voters were still undecided.

Synovate on its part said 58 percent of Kenyans were likely to vote ‘Yes’ if the poll was held today while 20 percent would vote ‘No.’

The poll conducted by Synovate between July 11 and 17 shows that 17 per cent remain undecided.

Last week, a similar survey conducted by Strategic Research showed that 62 percent of Kenyans would vote ‘Yes’ if the vote was held at the time.

The poll by Strategic Research conducted early this month, also indicated that 20 percent of registered voters would reject the proposed law while 18 percent were still undecided. Interestingly 63 percent of those interviewed believe that the new draft is a good document but needs amendments.

“When we ask them why they vote ‘Yes’ yet they want amendments, they say the draft is better than the current Constitution,” said Strategic Chief Executive Officer Caesar Handa while releasing last week’s poll results.

More details to follow…..


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