Kenyan President hits out at liars

July 13, 2010 12:00 am

, OTHAYA, Kenya, Jul 13 – President Mwai Kibaki has censured people who are spreading lies about the proposed Constitution affirming that truth must form the basis of debate on the new law.

The President noted that some people were trivialising the contents of the proposed Constitution yet it is a sacred document that is expected to guide the management of the affairs of the country for posterity.

Speaking at Karima Catholic Church in Othaya Constituency on Tuesday during the funeral service of his long-time friend and freedom fighter the late Stephen Mathenge Wachira, President Kibaki urged Kenyans to strongly uphold important values that closely hold a society together and make it better place for mankind.

The Head of State observed that truth, courage and honesty are vital values that hold any society together and build a firm foundation for a cohesive and prosperous of nation.

The President said: “Truth unlike lies always stands the test of time. Even if nobody knows you are lying, God knows. Stand for justice and fairness in the society,” advised the President.

While consoling the family, relatives and friends of the late Mathenge, President Kibaki stated that falsehoods are the main source of conflict and misery among mankind in many communities.

In his tribute to the late Mathenge, the President termed him an independence hero whose courage and forthrightness contributed immensely towards the liberation of the country from the colonial yoke.

The Head of State said that the colonial government spearheaded a crackdown on local journalists after banning vernacular newspapers some of which were published by the late Mathenge.

“He was courageous and a true freedom fighter whose experience in the independence struggle was firsthand experience not hearsay. He was a pioneer journalist whose vernacular publications earned him detention,” said the President.

President Kibaki noted that dedication and honest leadership endeared the deceased to many people who always settled on him whenever a leadership position arose in the course of serving the society.

He affirmed that Mr Mathenge had spearheaded many development projects that transformed the Othaya area and the entire country at large due to his vast experience acquired in the public service where he served as a district officer and later as provincial lands officer.

The President urged the local residents and the entire country to emulate the courage and other virtues that the late Mathenge championed so dearly during his lifetime.

In his sermon based in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, the presiding priest Father Samuel Komu, said that although death was a devastating experience to close members of the family and friends, he affirmed that Christians had faith in resurrection.

Father Komu told the mourners that Jesus conquered death and resurrected, similarly those who keep faith shall resurrect and earn eternal life.

He affirmed that Christian faith would be in vain had Jesus not resurrected from death which thus assures Christians of everlasting life but urged the faithful to remain focused on their final destiny.

Father Komu noted that the human spirit can never be killed and therefore death cannot kill what cannot die adding that death is the boldest challenge that man has to overcome.

He noted that the late Mathenge was a brave man who never hesitated to correct any social ill in the society despite his selflessness while serving his community.


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