Kenyan police officers get pay rise

July 7, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 7 – Police officers will get a pay increase this July, which is part of a three-year implementation program of reforms aimed at boosting their morale.

Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti told a media conference on Wednesday that the Regular, Administration and Prison officers would get a 28 percent pay increase in the first phase.

When the first phase is implemented, the lowest paid police officer – a constable under job group PG1 will take home Sh21,205 up from Sh18,155 in their current pay slip.

“At the end of the three years, the lowest salary package will have risen from Sh18,155 to Sh34,000 per month inclusive of common allowances,” Prof Saitoti said.

The second phase will be implemented in July 2011 and the third in July 2012.

The Minister said a budgetary allocation of Sh5.1 billion had been released by the Treasury to cater for the first phase of the salary increment.

“The second and third [phases] will have more significant increases when the allowances for uniformed officers in specialised areas of the police services will be reviewed,” the Minister said.

A new salary structure for the Police, Prison services and APs released on Wednesday showed that the minimum basic salary and allowances for a corporal under job group PG2 who currently earns Sh35, 235 will take home Sh42, 800 once the third phase is implemented.

The rank of a sergeant under job group 3 –  a rank shared across the three disciplined services – will take home Sh45, 940 up from the current Sh37, 845.

An Inspector of Police of job group PG5 currently earns Sh56, 450 will take home approximately Sh60,000 inclusive of allowances while a Superintendent of Police under job group PG6 who currently earns Sh77, 135 will take home an extra Sh4,000.

An Assistant Commissioner of Police or Commandant of the AP/Prisons under job group PG 9 is currently paid Sh85,000 but will now earn Sh92,000.

Prof Saitoti said that the government was keen to ensure that the disciplined forces are covered against the risks inherent in their jobs.  “In this regard, I wish  to confirm that discussions are at an advanced stage with the Treasury on modalities to fund an insurance scheme.”

He said in the meantime, the police and prison risk allowances will continue to be paid to supplement benefits that are already paid under the Group Personal Accident Scheme for Civil Servants.


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