Kenya VP takes Yes campaign home

July 19, 2010 12:00 am

, MWINGI, Kenya, Jul 19 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka intensified Yes campaigns on Monday calling on residents to vote for the proposed Constitution come August 4.
Speaking at various towns during a day-long tour of Mwingi, Mr Musyoka said the new law will help Kenyans realise their development aspirations including adequate and equitable resource
allocation in the country.
The Vice President who was accompanied by Water and Irrigation Assistant Minister Mwangi Kiunjuri said implementation of new Constitution will transform the lives of the people living in arid and semi arid areas.
He said the devolved fund for Counties coupled with the Equalisation Funds for the marginalised areas will boost development in rural and reverse the rural-urban migration.
"We know marginalised areas have lagged behind in development because of inadequate resource allocation in such areas. But a new law will unlock the potentials of marginalised areas,’’ said Mr Musyoka.
He said the funds that will be disbursed through the devolved government under the new laws will be seven times what are currently being disbursed under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) management.
Among the areas Mr Musyoka addressed mammoth rallies included Tseikuru, Ngomeni and Kyuso among other areas.
Mr Kiunjuri said most arid and semi arid will receive funding specifically for water and irrigation projects in the new constitution dispensation.
He challenged the Akamba community to vote Yes.
"Other regions are closely watching the way you will vote in the August 4 referendum. You have to vote wisely so that you should not isolate yourselves from the rest of Kenyans,’’ he said.


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