Kenya s VP fishes for votes in Ukambani

July 24, 2010 12:00 am

, KIBWEZI, Kenya, Jul 24 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Saturday traversed parts of lower Eastern region with a call on the residents to turn out in large numbers on August 4 and vote for the proposed Constitution.
Mr Musyoka told the Kamba community that the passage of a new Constitution as well as the strengthening of democratic institutions will greatly benefit them as it guarantees their rights and that of all Kenyans.
The Vice President said the new Constitution will ensure devolved power to grassroots’ level thus empowering Kenyans economically.
"A new Constitution will not only empower Kenyans through distribution of equal resources to all parts of the country but will also change the face of this nation,’’ he said.
Speaking at Kambu trading centre in Kibwezi District, Mr Musyoka urged residents in the area to ignore those propagating falsehoods through misinterpretation of various clauses, saying they were pursuing their selfish interests.
The vice President who was accompanied by assistant minister Wavinya Ndeti and MPs Johnstone Muthama (Kangundo), Charles Kilonzo (Yatta) and Prof Philip Kaloki (Kibwezi) and former minister Prof Kivutha Kibwana also addressed a mammoth rally at Makindu open grounds.
Mr Musyoka who is also the Home Affairs Minister cautioned Kenyans not to fall prey for those peddling lies about the new document but instead urged them to read and understand the proposed law so as to make informed choices.
"I want to inform you that majority of Kenyans are supporting this document because it is good for the country. I urge you to turn out in large numbers and vote for the document in August 4,’’ said Mr Musyoka at Makindu trading centre.
He told the residents that the devolved fund for counties coupled with the equalisation funds for the marginalised areas will boost development in rural and reverse the rural-urban migration.
Mr Musyoka said the funds that will be disbursed through the devolved government under the new laws will be more that what are currently being disbursed under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) management.
The Vice President at the same time has urged the youth to intensify campaigns
in support of the proposed draft constitution.
Mr Musyoka said it is time the youth come out openly and support the new constitution saying the constitution will be of great benefit to them once it is passed as it will create more employment opportunities for them.
"The new law will also guarantee freedom of worship, right for the youth to get employment, free primary education,affordable secondary education, basic right for Kenyans to get water besides ensuring that Kenyans do not go hungry,’’ said Mr Musyoka.
MPs Kilonzo, Muthama, Ndeti and Kaloki assured the Kamba community that they will stand to gain from the new land through fair and equal distribution of national resources.
The Vice President will later address other rallies at Emali, KasiKeu, Matiliko, and Mutyambua in the larger Ukambani.


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