Kenya s PM to recover in seclusion

July 28, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 28 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been flown to an undisclosed private resort to finalise his recovery from sickness.

Mr Odinga was flown out of his Karen home on Tuesday night to keep him away from visitors. The Prime Minister’s Press Service said in a statement that the PM “will be at a private place outside Nairobi, but within the country for a few days.”

“In order to allow for the full rest that the doctors have emphasised as inevitable part of his full and speedy recovery, the Prime Minister has taken a break from home,” said the short statement.
The statement said Mr Odinga was expected back in Nairobi by the end of the week “to participate in the ongoing referendum activities.”
The PM underwent a minor head surgery to ‘relieve a build up of pressure’ a month ago and was hospitalised for a week. He has been recovering at his Karen home for the last three weeks, although doctors had indicated he would only be out for two weeks.

”The doctors allowed the PM to take a break from home because it was no longer necessary to keep a close watch on him,” added the statement.

The PM has continued his push for the new constitution from his home and has continued receiving daily visitors at his home.

"The PM is grateful to the many supporters and well wishers who continue to pray for him and who would have wanted to visit him at home. He assures the public that he is recovered and will be joining them very soon in their daily most urgent struggle today to get a new constitution,” ended the statement.
It is expected that the PM would join President Kibaki for a final Yes campaign rally in Kisumu this Saturday although that remains unclear.


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