Kenya civil servants told to say Yes

July 9, 2010 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 9 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Friday asked civil servants to support the proposed Constitution without fear or apologies and be part of the re-making of the history of Kenya.

Mr Odinga exuded confidence that the Yes team would win the August 4 referendum and predicted a strong wind of change that will sweep across the country "all the way to the ballot" in the coming weeks.

"The wave will end with a victory margin of at least 70 percent in favour of Yes," the PM said.

Mr Odinga was addressing Permanent Secretaries and Accounting Officers from Government Ministries and departments led by the Head of the Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura at his Karen home.

The officials had called on him to wish him a quick recovery.

The PM said opportunities to participate in the making of a nation\’s history are rare and often come once in a lifetime.

Mr Muthaura disclosed that the PSs had drawn a programme to sensitise people from their communities about the new Constitution and that they would soon be going to the countryside to carry out the activity.

He briefed the PM on the Yes campaign, which he said is progressing well and expressed hope that the PM would soon resume his duties where his contribution is greatly missed.

"We have missed you in government in the last 10 days of your hospitalisation. But the campaigns are going on well and I am confident we will win on August 4," Mr Muthaura said.

Noting that a new Constitution was part of agenda 4 of the National Accord that dealt with reforms in the country, the PM said the government had a duty to ensure it delivers the document. He said the entire process has been funded by the government.

"It is in this context that I said the achievement of a new Constitution is a government project," he said.  The PM assured the criticised those saying that the Provincial Administration that they would remain even after a new Constitution comes in place.


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